NC Mobile JP Sells Latest Smartphone Models at Discount Prices

2021-06-23 10:18 출처: Saephone

SEOUL--(뉴스와이어) 2021년 06월 23일 -- Saephone, an online smartphone seller, announced that its newly-opened online store ‘NC Mobile JP’ is running a promotion to sell Korean smartphones such as LG Wing, Galaxy Z Fold, and Galaxy Note 20 5G at discount prices for Japanese consumers.

The discounted prices for the LG Wing, Galaxy Z Fold, and Galaxy Note 20 5G models sold at NC Mobile JP are 76,000 yen, 159,000 yen, and 83,900 yen, respectively.

As NC Mobile JP offers its own discount in addition to the mobile carrier discount, consumers will be able to buy the latest smartphones from Korea at lower prices than those at official stores in Japan. They can also purchase some of the newest Korean-made smartphones hard to come by in Japan.

Saephone is a Korean smartphone and electronic device retailer selling unopened new smartphones and other electronic appliances to e-commerce platforms such as Qoo10 and Amazon. It also plans to put Japanese-made smartphones on the market.

For more information on the promotion or purchasing the latest Korean smartphone, please visit NC Mobile JP website.

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